Adopting a row of vines is not simply a purchase of bottles of wine.


By making this gesture, you allow a winegrower to continue to share his passion and take part in his history.

You are helping to perpetuate an exceptional know-how that you will have the opportunity to observe over one or more years.





You simply take part in the adventure of the Château du Payre !

  • Adoption's Pack (valid for 1 person)

Adopt a vine row and follow the evolution of your vines over a year. 

You will be kept informed of the latest news of the current vintage thanks to the QR codes in your personalised welcome booklet.



Your privileges :


➢ Welcome box (booklet presenting the estate, adoption certificate... ) 

➢ Assortment of 6 bottles of our wine range received at the metropolitan address of your choice.

➢ Name your vineyard row and you will receive its picture.


Please contact us for the delivery of the 6 bottles, there may be some additional fies depending on the delivery country.