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The Caudalie Stay is an exceptional stay where you can enjoy the charm of our estate, the château and its rooms. Not forgetting the visit and tasting of our range of quality and environmentally friendly wines that will follow. An introduction to wine tasting to understand the evolution of aromatic notes in the mouth.


You will also receive a voucher worth 130€ to treat yourself or someone you know.


The term "caudalie" in oenology designates a unit of measurement, that of the length in the mouth and more precisely the duration of expression of the aromas in the mouth. The caudalie of a wine is calculated very simply, when you spit out or swallow the wine during a tasting, it is the number of seconds during which you feel the aromas of the wine in your mouth.

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Caudalie stay

300,00 €

  • disponible
  • 1 à 2 semaines de délai de livraison1