Merlot room

Chambre d'hôte Merlot


Chambre d'hôte, tarif chambre Merlot

Amount of the visitor's tax in 2022 : 0,75€/person

Check in : 5 p.m - 8 p.m / Check out : 11:30 a.m

Host table at Château du Payre

(on reservation - price in euros / person)

Table d'hôtes au chateau du Payre, vin rouge

Plateau du Vigneron 15 € in Week


Salad, vegetables, ham and local charcuterie, cheese, fruit or dessert

Dîner du Terroir 30 during the weekend (Friday and Saturday)


Starter / main course / homemade dessert

Table d'hôtes au chateau du Payre, salle à manger

During the summer season, vegetables and some fruits come from the family garden.


Dine at the Château du Payre having previously chosen from the 2 formulas offered while tasting with moderation wines from the estate. In summer, the outdoor terrace and the shaded park of the castle offers a certain serenity.


(Special requests on estimate)