The Estate

The Vineyard of the Château du Payre is located at Cardan, 30 minutes drive from Bordeaux and 5 min from Cadillac. The Château is located on Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux appellation on the right bank of the Garonne River. The combination of the terroir and the grape varieties used results in the production of a wide range of AOC wines (controlled designation of origin).

Our Terroirs

The soils

We have 40 hectares in this beautiful green, hilly region. Depending on the plots, the different types of soils are : gravelly clay, sandy clay and clay loam soil.

  • This diversity allows the production of wines with strong personality and ripe fruit flavors that are pleasant to drink even during their youth.
  • Depending on the sector and the year, the expression of the land changes, which allows diversity in our range of white wines and red wines.

The Château du Payre and its vineyard located close to Cadillac change with the seasons and evolve with an oceanic climate defined by a mild and slightly humid winter and a fresh summer. During autumn season, the morning fog helps the development of the Botrytis Cinerea (noble rot).

vineyard in bordeaux_vineyard of the chateau du payre_wine_vine

The grape varieties

The oceanic and temperate climate of the Bordeaux region is favourable to the cultivation of vines. And more precisely, the terroir we benefit from due to our proximity to the Sauternes wine region allows us, among other things, to produce sweet wines in the best conditions.


Our red grapes are spread over 4 varieties, with a majority for merlot (66%), cabernet sauvignon (15%), cabernet franc (15%) and malbec (4%).


Our white grapes are from 4 varieties with a strong dominance of Semillon (75%), Sauvignon Blanc (17%), Sauvignon Gris (3%) and Muscadelle (5%).


grape varieties of the chateau du payre in cardan_cadillac_bordeaux_merlot_cabernet sauvignon_cabernet franc_semillon_muscadelle

The result is a wine that is rich in tannins, fruity, fine and elegant.

These wines can be drunk young, but can also be aged in your cellar to bring out all their power and aromatic characteristics.

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