At Château du Payre, we engage our responsability everyday to preserve our traditions and the Earth of our children. Indeed, we choose to listen to the Nature and follow Her ; it means that we have decided to work in connection with the Terroir, which ones includes the climate and the soils. This engagement close to the Nature allows a development of smoother actions towards the environment.


        The moderate and coastal climate in Bordeaux Region and the multiple soils (clay, limestone, chalk ...) are ideal for the growth of Merlot (66%), Cabernet Sauvignon (15%), Cabernet Franc (15%) and Malbec vines (4%) for pink and red wine production. This climate is also suitable for vine plants of Semillon (75%), Sauvignon Blanc (20%), Muscadelle (5%), and Sauvignon Gris (3%), the white-skinned grapes variety allowed in Bordeaux Region.

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        Château du Payre loves to produce different styles of wines. Some are light and fruity,  others are deeper and richer in tannins ; some can seduce many of you to enjoy everyday and others will be sharper and more complex to enjoy on dedicated events. Also, few wines can be perfect to drink now, meanwhile, others will enjoy a longer rest in your cellar...


        In addition to respect the Terroir, Château du Payre is part of suistanable approach from the vine plant to the bottle. We have joined Terra Vitis since 2008.

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Terra Vitis signature d'une viticulture Durable depuis 2008

From the vine stock to the bottle, Château Du Payre protects the environment. The Terra Vitis certificate unites conscientious wine-makers who practice good farming methods.


It is a quality approach which aims to respect the environment and the vine in order to produce wines that are environmentally responsible.


Measures are taken to preserve biodiversity of the flora, the fauna and the vineyard landscapes.


The well-being of the customers is at the heart of this approach, which means quality and authentic wines.


Independent winemaker since 2014

The independent winemakers union missions are based on two main themes : how to support and promote the work of an independent winemaker.

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Since 2018, every wines of the property are recognized under the label "HVE3". Thanks to strict advice from professionnal agrologists and technical improvement in the vineyard started in 2016, we are now able to produce wines without pesticide residues.


2020, we continue our efforts to preserve the environment and to produice Organic wines.

Our first certified harvest will be in 2023.