Our Values

Nowadays, the environmental aspect is an integral part of our priorities. 


This is why, since the beginning, the Château du Payre has always worked with a desire to respect the environment in order to reduce the carbon footprint and to favour the French short circuit. In this environmental approach:

  • Collection of our rainwater to clean the cellar floors and all the growing equipment
  • Cardboard from recycled paper
  • Natural inks (from natural pigments)
  • Choice of energy for green electricity at the estate (winery, shop, etc.)
  • All our purchases as well as our technical itineraries (distribution systems) are designed to reduce the environmental impact on our products

More information in our environmental charter.


Since 2020, our entire vineyard is in conversion to organic farmingThe first official certified organic vintage will be from the 2023 harvest.

        Château du Payre loves to produce different styles of wines. Some are light and fruity,  others are deeper and richer in tannins ; some can seduce many of you to enjoy everyday and others will be sharper and more complex to enjoy on dedicated events. Also, few wines can be perfect to drink now, meanwhile, others will enjoy a longer rest in your cellar...

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