The Château du payre

The Domaine du Vic is the founding part of Château Du Payre, since 1881. This family vineyard is passed from mother to daughter for 5 generations. For more than a century, the female lineage has been perpetuated in this lovely place which one grows with a charming story.

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Best Of Wine

Today, Valérie Labrousse-Marcuzzi, operating manager, develops innovative commercial activities based on Bordeaux wine tourism, rewarded by several Best Of Wine (2013, 2015, 2017 et 2019).

Since 2008, our passionate team of employees is engaged  in a Reasoned and Sustainable viticulture in order to preserve the flora and fauna in the vineyard.

This evolving commitment demonstrates eco-citizenship through Terra Vitis certification.


In 2018, obtaining the HVE3 (High Environmental Values) label underlines the continuity of our work on respecting biodiversity.

"Since 2019, our efforts to fully control weediness have required investment in mechanical equipment.

In 2020, we are stepping up our work on green fertilisation to preserve our terroirs even more naturally."


The collective work of the Château du Payre demonstrates its commitment to respecting the environment in order to offer you a range of wines without residues

Terra Vitis

In the vineyard, a precise work is done everyday. Also, thanks to a sharp follow-up of our oenologist and engeneer agronomist, we are able to offer great quality wines well-known and awarded by professionnals.

Please, do come and enjoy this unique and rewarding experience with us.

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