100 % red grape juice

100% pur jus de raisin rouge, Château du Payre

cépage Grape Variety

100% Cabernet Sauvignon


Tasting Notes

Cherry and prune flavours, slightly caramelised.


What to do

To enjoy without moderation, at the aperitif, for desserts or snacks, even to mix in a cocktail.




Fiche technique 100% pur Jus de raisin Rouge

100 % White grape juice

cépage Grape variety

Sémillon 100 % 


Tasting Notes

Beautiful golden yellow dress, with

a very aromatic nose of ripe and jammy fruits.

Thick and powerful on the palate, this pure white juice evokes grapes freshly squeezed during the harvest.



To enjoy at any time with everyone.

Aperitif, dessert, snack and cocktails...



Chill (6°C) 

100% pur Jus de raisin Blanc
100% pur jus de raisin blanc, Château du Payre