Our family vineyard is passed from mother to daughter for 5 generations.

A paradox since in the country of "peyre" (stone in Gascon), the Castle of Payre (derived from the Gascon dialect "lou payre") which means the father!

5 Generations of women

5 générations de femmes : Marie, Eugénie, Simone, Monique, Valérie

The "Vic" estate and its house were bought


The "Vic" estate and its house were bought by the Roussereau brothers before the marriage between Miss Dumas and one of the brothers.


Inheritance of a vineyard covering 3.5 hectares.


Publication of the "Domaine du Vic"


Publication of the "Domaine du Vic" in the property directory by son-in-law Mr Isnel Guiraud.

Parution dans l'annuaire des marques

Mr Jean-Pierre Arnaud (husband of Madame Simone Arnaud, daughter of Mr Guiraud) left for Paris to fetch his first car after three long years of waiting.

On his way back home, he sold several bottles of white wine. It was an avant-garde and postwar business, working through direct sales.


Sales of white wine

Establishment of Château du Payre


Mr Gino Marcuzzi married Monique, the oldest daughter. Thanks to a strong family bond, Château du Payre was able to firmly establish itself as a vineyard with the acquisition of red vines.

Valerie Marcuzzi, Mr and Mrs Marcuzzi’s second eldest daughter, married Mr Labrousse and continued the passing down of the family property for another generation.


the passing down of the family property


Valerie has managed the wine storehouse since 2006 which grew by 900 m² to meet European standards. It welcomes tourists from all over the world.

Since 2008, every wine is certified with the TERRA VITIS label, representing a sustainable and reasoned growing method.

Certification Terra Vitis


Since 2013

The regular and rising oenotouristic activity is done with the Bacchus theme at Château du Payre containing four rooms, and recently a table d’Hôte.

This professional reception is recognized by the chamber of commerce of Bordeaux :

  1. Best of Wine Tourim en 2013 : Valorisation of environmental practices
  2. Best of d’Or en 2015 : Discovery and innovation
  3. Best of Wine Tourism 2017 : Accommodation
  4. Best of Wine 2019 : Discovery and innovation

A unique place in Bordeaux, seductive for the charm of its history and the pleasures of tasting and the table.

A rewarding experience in one place.

Château du Payre